What is Octopush?P015-474-256-314-14074

Octopush, also known as Underwater Hockey, is a fast paced sport played by teams of six at the bottom of a pool. The object of the game is to move a lead puck, with the help of a hand held pusher, along the bottom of the pool. A team scores by flicking the puck into the opponent’s goal. This is often achieved best through skill rather than brute strength. For some of our recent exploits take a look at this article.

What equipment will I need?

Octopush is played with fins, mask, snorkel and a ‘pusher’ or stick. Additional safety equipment is also worn (and is required in competitions) which includes a mouthguard, glove and a water polo cap. Here at Imperial we can provide all the equipment you will need to play with no charge.

How many play?

Officially there can be 10 people in a team, but only six are allowed in the water at one time with rolling subs. The idea is to work quickly and get the puck into your opponents goal.

Why is it the supreme aerobic game?

All other sports allow the participants to breathe as they play. But in underwater hockey, players must hold their breath while diving down to do battle with their opponents. Some players can stay down for a long time, but the real skill of the game is judging when to dive. It can take just a few seconds to tackle an opponent and pass the puck to a team mate, and then return to the surface for a well-earned breath!

Who can play Underwater Hockey?

We would like everyone to play our favourite sport with us. Regardless of how good you are (or think you might be) if you are interested to find out more you should come along to one of our regular training sessions. New players improve very quickly and just about everyone can play, just be able to swim at a basic level and join ICUC to receive our emails.

How do I get involved?

The club plays on Thursday nights at Ethos swimming pool from 20:00 to 22:00. If you feel like coming along just turn up, beginners are always welcome!

The club also heads to The Fountains Abbey Pub, across the road from the pool, after each session, so we can actually talk to each other (Being underwater tends to make conversation difficult!!).

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What Else?

We also have links to the West Wickham club that train on Thursday nights from 8:30 to 10:00 at Crystal Palace. A few members of the club head down every week, aiming to catch the train from Victoria at 7:30. This session is attended by some of the country’s top players which will give new players some of the best coaching available. There are a few other sessions around the city, just ask us and we can let you know!

We also play at university tournaments; the largest being the Student Nationals held each year, involving about 14 university teams from all over the country coming to play Octopush for what should be a great weekend. We also play in smaller tournaments, such as the Plymouth ‘Valentines Tournament’. Oh, and then of course there’s always the party afterwards…


We follow the British Octopush Association rules.