We are a BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) branch and instruct according to their syllabus. We offer training to all skill levels, starting with Ocean Diver, then Sports Diver, Dive Leader and finally Advanced Diver. We also allow divers with non BSAC qualifications to cross over and continue to learn at the appropriate BSAC level.

Each Diver grade consists of theory, pool and open water sessions. Dive Leader and later qualifications also require experience dives. Theory lessons are run on a Tuesday night and last for about an hour. Pool sessions are on a Wednesday and meet in Beit Quad where we collect our kit and head over to the Ethos Pool.

Every year we organise a training trip to Cornwall during the Easter holidays. This is your chance to complete the open water lessons necessary for your qualification. It is also always great fun!

Alongside the diving courses we teach Skill Development Courses (SDC). These are usually one or two day courses organised either within the club or by BSAC and teach you everything from first aid to how to drive a powerboat. Also, many of our students go on to become instructors in the club. While the instructor courses are run externally by BSAC, we will help you develop your skills by getting you to teach as an assistant instructor both in the pool and the classroom.

Finally it’s important to remember your diving qualification is earned, not bought. All the instructors are volunteers who really enjoy teaching, but we enjoy it even more when the students are enthusiastic and involved. Ask questions, pester us for advice, join us in the bar on Tuesday evenings and at the socials. We’re a friendly bunch and will be happy to help!

If you have any questions email!